Practical Training

The most important asset in any company is employees that are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. It is also not enough to equip people with modern technology – it is crucial to make sure they are capable of using it to its full potential. Therefore, businesses have to invest in knowledge building of their employees to get the desired return on investment in IT.

We organise workshops, adjusted to the specific needs of your business, to assist you in transfering the know-how and making the most of your IT solutions in your everyday business activities.

Our training programs are tailored to meet the needs of a wide array of companies (working in retail, production, services and other markets). During a workshop, we focus on each specific company, its activities and issues. Our goal is to help your employees increase their productivity.

During a workshop, we go beyond simply “befriending” a specific IT solution on application. We train your employees to find a quicker, more convenient way of doing a specific task or solving a specific problem – to deliver real business value and to increase your return on investment in IT.

Our training topics:

Power BI

  • Connecting to various data sources and transforming data into charts
  • Data model architecture
  • Bringing the necessary data to the data model, forming requests queries, data transformations
  • Additional measures creation in the data model
  • Hands-on data model architecture, reports authoring, etc.
Power BI analitika
Office 365 mokymai

Office 365

  • Planning meetings more efficiently
  • Planning your own work schedule more efficiently
  • Dealing with email load by using automation
  • New opportunities for internal communications
  • Opportunities for communication with external partners (suppliers, contractors, etc)
  • Internal training planning

Microsoft Project Online

  • Review of Project Online structure
  • Data storage, reviews, data sets
  • Plan preparation using Project Online
  • Connections and dependences, Baseline saving
  • Recommendations and best practice
  • Resource allocation to a project
  • Task allocation to team members, implementation, status indication
  • Project plan control
  • Reports creation and usage
Project online mokymai