Business Productivity Solutions

Business reality is not as straightforward as mathematical equations – year after year, productivity of workforce in company is considered to be one of the weakest parts of the company’s competitiveness. People work a lot but get little done. How can we change that?

Work time is spent unproductively


Work time is spent on repeating tasks


Employees use personal mobile devices for business purposes


Communication between employees is ineffective


Employees do not take the most effective decision due to lack of information


Employees have breached company’s security policy at least once


Business productivity solutions, depending on the needs of the company, can help organisations share information more conveniently and more rapidly as well as collaborate or reduce the time usually allocated for bureaucratic processes. In most cases, it is complex solutions that contain several different tools, and transfer large part of the work to collaboration environment.

Acena team helps businesses choose the right tools and their functionalities, implements them and trains the personnel to use the employed solutions.

Collaboration Solutions

We understand how important smooth communication is for your business. By using modern communication solutions, you will save not only your own time, but also the time of your colleagues and clients.

Do not wait until you have a lot of questions, solve the problems now, see the availability of your colleagues, and plan the time of your team. Our services help you save time and make decisions more quickly.

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Process Automation

Process automation solutions help companies manage their internal processes more effectively, from any location or device.

We understand that one of the greatest values in business is time. So, this is the right solution for businesses that seek to simplify their internal document management procedures, adding speed to the decision making process, and evading the activities that fail to create additional value to the company.

This solution links all company’s internal processes, simplifying information distribution, search and storage as well as streamlining employee collaboration.

Project Management

Daily activities of any company are made up of large projects and small tasks. Our solutions allow for effective planning, management and coordination of all projects and daily tasks.

We can offer your organisation modern project management solutions that will help you plan your project resources, distribute tasks, and set deadlines. Easily monitor the progress of your projects, receive detailed reports, control costs and manage risks.

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We offer these business productivity solutions:

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Share Point Online
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One Drive
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Exchange Online
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Skype for Business
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Microsoft bookings
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Office 365
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Project Online
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CRM Online
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